Top 3 Best Gym Chains in the World

When a certain type of gym gains an insane popularity and it is able to extend across the globe, that means that they are doing something right. This doesn’t mean that small, local gyms can’t be fun. However, a gym franchise that has been around for a while has had the opportunity to experiment with different training programs and optimize their workouts to deliver the best results. But there are dozens of gym franchises that are popular across the globe and it can be quite hard to choose the best one. However, you don’t have to worry about trying them all, as we have narrowed down your choices to the top best 3 gym chains.

#1 Crossfit

Although they are part of a chain, all Crossfit gyms are different from one another. They have different names, different prices and different workout routines. Even in the same city, you can find several gyms that all differ from one another. For example, if you search the web for Crossfit New York, you will find over 20 gyms, each one with a unique name and program. However, they all abide by the same core concept, which is high intensity workouts that combine cardio, weight training and acrobatics. The great thing about this type of gym is that you never get bored and it makes you feel like part of a community, which keeps you motivated. Moreover, the fact that it includes versatile exercises makes it suitable for anybody, from people who want to lose weight to people who want to gain muscle mass or improve their flexibility.

#2 Anytime fitness

The best thing about this gym franchise is the fact that they are open at all times, even at night or during holidays. Moreover, despite the fact that it is highly popular, it is rarely overcrowded. It is also suitable for people with different fitness levels and when you join the gym, you will get a starter plan designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. The staff is friendly, supportive and trained to deal with all types of people.

#3 Gold’s gym

Supposedly, Gold’s gym should be suitable for all types of people. However, it has gained a reputation for an iron pumping gym. Since the place is mostly packed with body builders, we will only recommend it for people who want to gain muscle mass, as the rest of the people might feel like outsiders. Nonetheless, Gold’s gym is indeed a great gym for pumping iron, as they are packed with all the right equipment for heavy lifting.

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