Tips for Cleaning the House when You Suffer from Allergies

If you are dealing with allergies or suffer from certain respiratory disorders, you will want to opt for safer alternatives for when it comes to cleaning your house. The synthetic substances and chemicals found in most cleaning products can aggravate your allergy symptoms, so instead you should try using these natural cleaning methods.

Vacuum as often as possible

Vacuuming regularly is the best way to keep the allergens in your home under control. If you don’t have time to vacuum very often, consider investing in a vacuum robot cleaner. This device will vacuum your floors without requiring any assistance from your part. If you think that a vacuum robot cleaner is expensive, you should know that nowadays there are many units to choose from, and some of them are quite cheap.

Use tea tree oil as a disinfectant

It is a well know fact that tea tree oil is a potent disinfectant that has no side effects whatsoever. Instead, it has been proven that it has antifungal effect and leaves a discreet and pleasant scent. Add 10 drops of oil in 2 cups of water. Put the solution in a spray of disinfectant bottle and start cleaning hardwood surfaces or any type of surfaces. It is an ideal solution for cleaning kitchen surfaces, bathroom and varnished wood. Try to double the amount of oil in contaminated areas, such as those affected by mold or reduce the amount of water.

Baking soda is an effective solution for almost anything

In high concentrations it is harmful, but used in specific amounts it’s one of the best natural ways to clean windows and mirrors. Put a teaspoon of ammonia in 2 cups of water. Use the solution to clean all glassware. You can also clean walls and floors affected by mold and the refrigerator as well. Baking soda is also an effective solution for stubborn stains from carpets.

Coarse salt is a natural abrasive

You can use salt as a solution to remove stubborn grease stains. Wet the surface of the oven and sprinkle some salt on the stains. Leave to act on dirt and remove it easily with a clean tower after 10-15 minutes. You can also use salt to remove stains from hardwood surfaces but you need to be extra careful not to damage the wood.

White vinegar

Combined with liquid soap, white vinegar is an excellent dishwashing detergent. Use some natural liquid soap in combination with some white vinegar. Once a week, pour the solution in the drains from the sink and leave it for two hours. Disinfect and degrease. White vinegar is an effective way to disinfect surfaces and to remove tough stains without leaving behind an odor.


Lemon juice and lemon peel are also on the list of natural methods to clean your house. Lemon peel and lemon juice disinfect and whiten any type of surface. Lemon leaves behind a fresh citrus scent, so it can help you get rid of foul odors. Another great tip to get rid of food odors or tobacco smell is to install an air purifier in your home. Try to opt for an air purifier that uses HEPA filters because these types of filter can trap even the smallest particles of dust.

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