The Consequences of a Sedentary Life

Living a sedentary life is unhealthy because movement and exercising have their role in keeping you active, alert, and in a good health condition. Whether you take the stairs when you arrive home, or you get off the bus a station earlier, or you go for a walk on a sunny Sunday, it’s best to live an active life because a sedentary life can have serious consequences on your overall condition.


Many people of all ages prefer to skip movement thinking that they gain more time and manage to complete more chores faster, but what they really do is ruin their health by pushing their body into a sedentary lifestyle. A first consequence of the lack of movement is obesity resulted in a poor physical condition and the inability of the human body to burn calories and to create muscles. People who prefer to ride by car instead of walking, who skip gym time because they are busy or who spend all day on a chair are more likely to suffer from obesity.

Depression and mood swings

People ignore this aspect, but a sedentary life also has repercussions on their mood and their perspective over life. People who are sedentary tend to be more depressed and to suffer from mood swings, so exercising could be a great way to improve your emotional state.

Muscle weakness

False diseases force people to stop exercising as they believe they are ill and the effort could worsen their condition. There are many people who abuse using a mobility scooter because they experience pain when they walk or because they think that this way they protect their body from straining. Using the handicap scooter too much makes the muscles weak and unable to sustain your body. This makes regular activities like dressing or showering very difficult to perform, as the muscle tissue loses vitality. As such, you should only use the handicap scooter when you really can’t live a normal life without it.

Poor bones and joints

Not only the muscles but the bones and joints also suffer because of a sedentary lifestyle and they start to become weaker. Your bones and joints need regular exercise in order to maintain their strength, otherwise they will start damaging severely. Elders, in particular, have joints and bone problems because these start to erode and the lack of exercise worsens the process. People stop exercising and they resort to aids like the stair lift thinking that this is a way to protect their bones and joints, but, in, fact, using the stair lift instead of climbing the stairs can do more harm than good. Unless your doctor recommends it, avoid using the stair lift too often in order to keep your bones and joints strong. However the stair lift or the mobility scooter is a true necessity for many people. If you take a look at some stair lift reviews on, you will see that these devices can be quite expensive. So, unless you want to end up using one, you should consider being more active in order to protect your overall health.

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