Is Using a Weight Vest to Lose Weight a Good or Bad Idea?

Losing weight is one of the most difficult things for a person to do as a complete change of the lifestyle is required. Also, a lot of patience and determination is needed as the results don’t appear right away but rather after a long period of time. This is the reason why all people who are trying to get rid of the annoying and unpleasant extra pounds are in a permanent search for methods to make the process go faster. If you want to lose weight in a harmonious manner, toning your body and avoiding excess skin from appearing once you shed the extra pounds, you have probably already considered wearing a weight vest.

Whether this wearable is good to wear or not is a sensitive subject as a lot of people are tempted to think of the vest solely as a tool to use when they want to expand their muscle mass. But this isn’t necessarily true. If you want to find out whether wearing a weighted vest is actually a good idea or not, check out the following lines.

Proven Benefits of Wearing the Vest and Its Efficiency

To get straight to the point, know that the weight vest is a great addition to your weight loss regimen as it surely won’t damage your health in any way as long as you wear it properly and don’t abuse wearing it, and as long as you stay away from exercises and foods that encourage muscle growth instead of weight loss. But let’s not ponder anymore on this subject as we have already made it clear that the vest is a good investment for those who want to lose weight, and see what are the overall benefits to be enjoyed due to wearing it.

  • Variety when it comes to the workouts that you can perform;
  • Helps you lose weight even when you’re walking as you will sweat due to carrying the excess weight;
  • Your skin will be better toned as you will basically constantly exercise when wearing it;
  • Your endurance and strength levels will receive a major boost;
  • Your bones will become stronger;
  • Your heart will pump more blood, receiving a good “workout” that helps improve your cardiovascular system.

Factors that Influence Weight Loss when Wearing the Vest

There are three major factors that influence positively or negatively the weight loss process when wearing a weight vest, more precisely your diet, your workout routine or lack there of, and your habits. Let’s see how each of these factors contribute to the end result:

  • Diet – You diet is the biggest influence on the results that appear due to wearing the vest. If you change your diet and include a bigger intake of proteins, you will get bulkier. If weight loss is what you’re aiming for, the solution to go with is to create a balanced diet that contains as many fruits and vegetables as possible, and in which proteins are included as well but fewer than you normally consume. This way you avoid expanding your muscles and you help your body shed the excess weight harmoniously, the combination of the healthy diet and the wearable making this process go a lot faster than you think.
  • Working Out – It’s important to be careful about the types of exercises that you perform when wearing the vest as the added weight that it provides might stimulate muscle growth instead of weight loss. What you should do to be slimmer is to focus on doing cardio workouts as more sweating is involved with them, the main exercise that you should perform being running. When you run with the vest on, its weight is going to provoke excess sweating, thus more calories and fat being burned.
  • Habits – Of course, your habits are another major factor that influences the weight loss results that you witness when wearing the vest. Bad habits such as eating fast food and sweets, sitting around instead of trying to be more active, not leaving the desk for hours, and so on have a major impact on the results. Better said, there will be no actual results if all you do is to wear the vest without compromising when it comes to your overall lifestyle. If you want to enjoy the best and fastest results, combine wearing the vest for 20-30 minutes per day with regularly going to the sauna or wearing a sauna slim belt whenever you get the chance. Alternating the healthy habit of tending the sauna with this wearable is going to lead to a slimmer, better toned, and more attractive you in no time.

Potential Dangers and How to Avoid Them

What you need to be aware of is the fact that there are certain dangers that accompany wearing the weighted vest. To make sure that you won’t expose yourself to back problems and other more serious health issues, go to a doctor and check to see if your health is alright and if it’s indicated for you to wear the vest or not. Also, in case the doctor says that you’re alright but you start to feel excruciating back pains while wearing the vest, take out some of the weights to make it lighter. If the pain persists, give up on this wearable as it might end up damaging your spine. But don’t be scared as few people experience such problems, and with high-end vests that are designed to be balanced, you won’t feel such a pain ever as the weight is distributed perfectly to not pull on one side more than the other and discomfort you.

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