Is it Safe To Exercise Outdoors in the Wintertime?

The main concern when it comes to exercising outdoors when the weather is cold is that you will expose your body to cold air, which combined with sweating can lead to flu and colds. Exercising outdoors can get you a sore throat because of the cold air that you inhale through your airways, so you must take care of this aspect if you want to enjoy a perfect outdoor workout in the wintertime. Other than that, you will only benefit from a workout session in the strong and cold winter air. Here are some reasons why you should go out and exercise in the wintertime.

  • When you analyze it, it’s best to workout outdoors instead of going to the gym, where you are more likely to find sick people and you can also get sick. The gym in the winter can be filled with germs that threaten your immune system, so outdoor workouts could be safer than going to the gym. The only thing you have to be careful about is not to slip on ice.
  • Exposing your body to low temperatures will help it adapt better to the cold and will thicken your blood so it will tolerate outdoor low temperatures better. When temperatures start to decrease, most people avoid going outside because they feel cold, which doesn’t help them get used to the low temperatures. By exposing your body to the cold, you will reduce the risk of catching a cold when you go outside.
  • While your body fights to adjust its temperature, it will burn more calories, which increases the efficiency of outdoors workouts. Exercising itself is a way to burn fats and if you add to that the calories burnt while the body warms up, you will enjoy better results.
  • During summer, you get plenty of sunlight that increases the levels of vitamin D in your body, which is essential for strong bones. In wintertime, the sunlight is weaker and you don’t get as much vitamin D, especially if you avoid going outside, so any moment spent in sunlight means higher doses of vitamin D.
  • Cold weather also improves the condition of your heart as it regulates the blood circulation. Regulate exercising with cardiovascular endurance strengthens your heart’s muscles even more when you perform it outdoors n wintertime, so you don’t have to worry about heart risks.
  • You must also remember that going outdoors in wintertime is fun and it will remind you of your childhood when you used to build snowmen and have snowball fights. You an combine running with these winter activities and you will have a fun time while burning calories.

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