Indoor Pollutants that Affect Your Lungs

It is a known fact that indoor air is more dangerous for our health than outdoor air. It is extremely important that we breathe fresh and clean indoor air, in order to avoid having health problems. Are you interested in this aspect and want to find out more about it? If so, then have a look at the following pollutants that affect your lungs.

High humidity

A too high humidity in your home is extremely dangerous for your health, especially for your lungs. A house with a high humidity is the perfect place for mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria and some types of viruses, to develop. These dangerous contaminants will spread into the indoor air and you will easily inhale them, and they can seriously affect your lungs. In order to avoid this, you should place in your home a Frigidaire dehumidifier 70-pint unit. By doing so, you will certainly eliminate most of the contaminants, if not all. You will see that on the market are many types of dehumidifiers, and it is highly recommended that you get a large capacity dehumidifier in order to breathe fresh, clean and healthy air in the whole house.The Frigidaire dehumidifier 70 pint unit is considere4d by many to be the best dehumidifier of the moment.

Tobacco smoke

We all know that cigarettes are extremely dangerous to our lungs. In case you have someone in your family that smokes and he doesn’t want to quit smoking, at least he can smoke outdoors. If he smokes indoors, the rest of the family will inhale the smoke as well, and this can affect their lungs in time. If they have smoked indoors for a while and the tobacco smell has infiltrated the walls and the furniture upholstery, you should read the reviews of air purifiers and find a unit specially designed for dealing with tobacco smoke.

Toxic paints

It is recommended that you always use non-toxic paints for your walls. It is true that they are quite expensive, but your health is in the first place, right?!

AC unit

In case you don’t yet know, an AC unit can be quite dangerous to your lungs. In order to avoid this, it is extremely important that you clean the filter regularly. That’s the place where most of the contaminants are.

Bad odors and chemical vapors

Bad indoor odors, that usually come from your kitchen, garbage, and pets, must be removed, in order to avoid affecting your lungs. Chemical vapors that come from the cleaning products are also extremely dangerous to your health. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of bad odors and chemical vapors from your home, using an air purifier. It is highly recommended that you get a quality one, in order to be able to breathe only fresh and clean indoor air. In order to see which air purifiers are of higher quality, visit There, you will find plenty of air purifier reviews that will help you compare the best units and choose the most convenient one.

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