I Have Poor Circulation in My Feet – Foot Massager Helps?

Poor blood circulation in the feet doesn’t only cause a major discomfort, but it can lead to the appearance of numerous health conditions and even worsen existing conditions. Thus, you have to take care of this issue as soon as it appears and not take any chances as your health is at stake.

In this article, we will talk about the positive effects that a foot massager can have when it comes to improving the circulation in your feet, this way giving you a clear image on whether it’s an investment worth making or not. Also, we will talk about this health issue so you may better understand it, and we will list alternative methods to treat the problem.

Symptoms and Causes of Poor Feet Circulation

Before we turn to talking about massagers and whether they work or not when it comes to improving blood flow in the feet, you first have to learn more about this condition, how you detect it, and what are its main causes.


Although for most it isn’t difficult to figure out when poor circulation in the feet occurs as its usually visible, it’s best to be aware of all the signs of this health issue to know for sure when you’re dealing with it. Thus, the symptoms that clearly show poor blood flow in this area are:

  • Numbness or weakness in your legs;
  • Wounds on the legs, feet, or toes heal very slow;
  • Skin color on the legs starts to change;
  • Weak pulse in the legs or in the feet;
  • Painful foot cramps appear after various activities;
  • Tingly sensation in the feet;
  • Toenail growth is slowed down;
  • Cold feet.


The causes for poor circulation in the feet are many. In this section, we will focus on listing the most common causes that lead to the appearance the affliction.

  • Smoking – cigarettes cause the blood vessels to thicken, thus making it hard for the blood to circulate properly, causing the feet to get swollen.
  • Lack of exercise – the lack of physical activities also discourages a proper circulation of the blood that ultimately causes pain and other medical issues in the feet.
  • Sitting down for long periods of time – sitting for 8 hours straight on a chair stops the blood from properly flowing in the area of your feet, thus causing them to get swollen and to hurt.
  • Obesity – being overweight or obese puts a huge amount of pressure on your feet as they have to support your entire weight when walking and doing various other activities.

How the Massager Helps Improve Blood Flow

The foot massager helps transport oxygen to your body’s cells, stimulating the lymphatic system, and helping prevent or reduce varicose veins. The movement and vibrations of the massager are what make it optimal for boosting blood circulation in the feet, thus being the perfect tool for those who are experiencing any discomfort related to poor circulation in the feet. The proper way to boost blood circulation with the help of the massager is to rub massage oil on your feet, put them on the surface of the massager, turn it on and set it to the desired vibration intensity, and sit in that position for about 30 minutes. Doing this on a daily basis will not only improve the circulation, but it will prevent the apparition of many health problems that are caused by a slow blood flow in the feet as well.

Other Methods to Improve Poor Circulation in the Feet

If you want to be cautious, it’s recommended that you combine using the foot massager with other good methods of improving blood circulation in the feet. These methods are:

    • Method #2 – When you sleep, keep your legs rested on a pillow for the blood flow to go smoother. This position helps push the blood toward your heart easier, thus any pain or discomfort that you have experienced disappearing slowly.
    • Method #3 – In case you have an office job or you simply spend a lot of time in front of the computer, make sure that you take breaks as often as possible. It’s preferable that you take a small walk for about 5-10 minutes or you simply stand up after 30-40 minutes of sitting on a chair continuously.
  • Method #4 – Another method that you can use is to keep your feet in hot water for about 5 minutes for the blood to get closer to the skin and better absorb oxygen, after which you put your feet in cold water for the blood to go toward the internal organs, delivering the fresh oxygen to them. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times, and the results will amaze you, further helping speed up the process of improving feet blood flow.

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