How to Treat a Cold with Natural Remedies

Everybody knows that when they catch a cold, they go to the doctor who prescribes them various medicines designed to make them feel better, but what if you are not a fan of medicines and you would like to treat the cold naturally? In this case, this article will be very helpful in showing you ways to treat a cold using natural remedies.

    • When you catch a cold, you have to stay in bed as much as possible and relax so your body can fight the disease, and the ambiance in the room must be appropriate for a sick person. It has to be warm to a level that is comfortable, so make sure you have a heater within reach. An infrared one can create a proper temperature and due to the included thermostat it will turn off once it reaches the desired temperature.
    • The air in the room must not only be warm, but it should also be moist enough to ease your breathing and swallowing, in case your cold has affected your throat as well. A humidifier will release soft water vapors into the air in order to help you breathe better and to keep your throat and nasal mucus from becoming dry, which could make you feel worse.
    • If your nose is stuffy, forget about nasal sprays that you find in pharmacies and use a natural remedy instead, like the salty water. This natural and miraculous mixture helps you break the nasal congestion and removes the viruses and bacteria from your nose, so it’s worth trying it. Mix ΒΌ tablespoon of salt in a glass of water and squirt it into your nose using a bulb syringe.
    • A hot shower will help you relive your nose and ease your breathing while helping your muscles relax. You can even take a hot bath where you add a few drops of eucalyptus oil that will help you breathe easier. In case you feel dizzy from the cold, don’t get in the tub, but stick your feet in hot water to help your body feel warm and inhale vapors from a bowl of hot water and oils.
    • Bacteria-fighting foods help you treat a cold, so make sure you add them to your diet. Get plenty of vitamin C from lemons, oranges, and peppers, lower the fever and reduce pain with the natural aspirin contained by blueberries, open the sinuses with spicy foods, and stop coughing with onions.

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