How to Balance the Risks and Benefits of Alcohol Consumption

As well as many other people, you might think that alcohol only has a harmful effect, but you should know that you can also benefit from alcohol, as long as you know how to keep a certain limit. Alcohol is known as both a tonic and a poison and the difference is made by the dose, so make sure you keep your moderation. Read the following article and learn how you can balance the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption so that you will enjoy the good part of alcohol.

Not heavy drinking, not abstinence, but moderation

Excessive amounts of alcohol lead to severe health damage including problems with the liver and the heart increased risks of cancer, neurological complications, and injuries people often make themselves. The opposite of these alcohol risks are the health benefits that appear when people know how much alcohol to drink, which is a better way than abstinence and a much better way than excess.

Combine alcohol with juices and syrups

When they go out or have a party at home, people tend to abuse alcohol as they start having fun and getting a little tipsy. A great way to balance what is good and what is bad in alcohol is to mix it with delicious fruit juices in tasty cocktail recipes that ease the effect of alcohol on your body. Instead of drinking a glass full of vodka, mix it with juices and syrups and you will have healthier and tastier drinks that will help you enjoy a night out.

Have a glass of wine at night

A glass of wine during dinner can increase your appetite and make you digest the food better, so this is a healthy habit that can even bring benefits to your health. The secret is to have a good wine and not to exceed a glass, otherwise you will achieve the exact opposite. Wine is known to improve the blood circulation and can boost the metabolism, helping your night digestion. However, this only stands for one glass at night, not the entire bottle.

Low amounts of alcohol protect your heart

Moderate drinking can help you fight the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, ischemic stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and sudden cardiac death. Studies have shown that a moderate alcohol consumption increases the levels of high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol. People who keep a limit in alcohol consumption show a higher level of good cholesterol, which protects their heart and the blood vessels that surround the heart, thus keeping them safe from heart problems. Alcohol is also a great help in preventing blood clots that could get to the heart and brain, thus lowering the risk of seizure or edema.

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