Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports worldwide, and it challenges your mind and your physical abilities as well. It’s played on outdoor grass courses, and buying the necessary equipment to play this sport isn’t a very big investment either. Of course, if you are a pro, you need expensive equipment like a top of the line golf rangefinder or a golf swing analyzer. However, golf should not be played just for the win. Did you know that your health can actually benefit from playing this sport? If you want to find out how, read the following lines and they’ll definitely make you want to go out for a round of golf.

It relieves stress

By playing golf your relieve stress due to many reasons, among which are the fact that you interact with other players, you play outdoors, and you have to be focused on the game, forgetting about your problems this way. A simple round of golf helps you release endorphins in a natural way, making you feel happier and more relaxed, and by getting to know new people who share the same passion as you, you will make new friends, making the game even more fun to play.

You breathe in the fresh air

Keeping in mind the fact that golf is played on courses that can be as large as 200 acres, it means you get to breathe in fresh and clean air while playing this game. In addition, because the golf course is covered in grass, you will have a sea of green in front of your eyes, and studies have shown that exposure to green areas helps reduce stress, anxiety, and it relaxes the body, therefore you have a lot of health benefits from playing golf.

It improves your vision

Because you have to focus your vision to estimate how hard and in what direction to hit the ball for it to land in the whole, or as close to it as possible, your vision will improve a lot, and by playing golf you improve your eye-hand coordination as well.

It’s a good workout for the brain

When you play golf, the heart rate increases significantly, therefore the blood flow to the brain increases as well, improving your nerve cell connections by stimulating them. Golf is not played on instinct, as the mind plays an important part. For example, it is recommended to use a golf rangefinder to measure the distance to different holes. Based on this measurements, you must decide which club to use. It is important to remember how well you perform with each club and keep a record of your best and worsts hots in order to develop strategies to improve. Regular mental challenges such as these ones, can delay certain mental illnesses such as dementia. Because it is a competitive sport, no matter if you play against others, or you try to defeat your own best scores, you will boost your self esteem, you will work out on your math skills as well due to keeping the score, and you will become more focused because you have to plan out strategies to win.

It burns calories

While playing golf you have to go from one hole to another, and if you do it on foot, it means you will have to cover between 30-200 acres by walking from one spot to another. In addition, you don’t just simply walk, but you have to carry your golf bag that is filled with golf clubs and balls, and when you hit the ball you have to swing. The swing requires a lot of control, which tones your muscles in a great way. If you’ve ever used a golf swing analyzer, you might have noticed that even slight changes in your posture can affect the result of your swing. As such, when performing a golf swing you need to be in full control of your movements, and consequently of your muscles. Those of you who are having troubles perfecting your swing, should definitely get a golf swing analyzer. Not only will you have better results by using it, but you will alss learn to better control your body. At the end of a golf game, you can burn around 1000 calories, which is very impressive for any sport.

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