Can an Active Lifestyle Reverse Hormonal Unbalances ?

We all know that it is extremely important that we have a balanced hormonal activity in order to be healthy. How many of us know how to achieve that, and what happens if we have an active lifestyle? In case you are wondering if an active lifestyle can reverse hormonal unbalances, have a look at this article to find out what specialists say about this aspect.

Causes of hormonal unbalances

There are many factors that contribute to hormonal unbalance, such as pregnancy, menopause, genetics, allergies, thyroid issues, aging, some medication, autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also possible that a lack of exercise and a poor diet contribute to a hormonal unbalance. Specialists say that most cases of hormonal unbalance occur to women older than 35. It is true that not only women can have this sort of problems, but men as well. They are usually prone to this medical condition after 40’s, a bit later than women. However, this doesn’t mean that younger men or women can’t have a hormonal unbalance. They obviously can, but they are less likely. It is extremely important that we take care of our health in order to avoid having serious health problems.

The connection between an active lifestyle and hormonal activity

Specialists say that our hormonal activity is closely related to our mental health. If we are stressed, sad nervous and depressed, our hormones won’t function properly, and therefore, we will deal with a hormonal unbalance, which can cause many health problems. They also say that it is extremely important that we keep ourselves busy at all times with different activities, in order to avoid depression. Having an active lifestyle is extremely good for our health, mental and physical as well. Remember, active lifestyle doesn’t mean that we are allowed to work too much, it just means that we should keep ourselves busy during the day with all sort of activities, but also get enough sleep during nights. We all should think about doing activities that we like, choose a job that we like in order to eliminate stress from our lives and have a good hormonal balance. Physical exercise is also extremely important, and if it’s done regularly, it will improve in many ways our health, and most of all it will balance our hormonal activity. It is also highly recommended that we eat organic food and avoid as much as we can the foods that contain additives.

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