Can A Sedentary Lifestyle Lead to Diabetes?

For a healthy person to live a sedentary life it can bring severe health problems that go far beyond the unpleasant appearance they obtain due to the lack of movement. While the main risk of a sedentary life is obesity, it can hide other major diseases such as diabetes. In case you doubt the connection between the two, here are some arguments that prove a sedentary lifestyle leads to diabetes.

Being sedentary leads to obesity

More and more people are starting to gain weight because they skip exercising and they adopt a lifestyle that rarely implies walking, going shopping by foot or taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Some people consider they are not sedentary if they don’t spend time at home watching TV, but the lack of exercising due to an office job can also be considered as a sedentary lifestyle. Many people cause themselves harm because they use mobility aids like mobility scooters although they are not physically disabled, which keeps them from strengthening their muscles and bones. Not moving your body keeps it from burning calories, which results in fat deposits that start gathering on your body. By the time you realize the damage, you will struggle with obesity that can lead to diabetes.

The connection between weight and diabetes

How is that possible? The answer is very simple if you analyze the chemistry in it all. The food you eat is broken into compounds and one of these compounds is glucose, a type of sugar, which is then released into your blood. Glucose is inserted in your body’s cells with the help of a substance released by your pancreas called insulin. Living a sedentary life, hence having an inactive body, keeps the cells from using the insulin effectively, a condition called insulin sensitivity or resistance. When this happens, your pancreas starts releasing even more insulin, thinking that this will help when, in fact, this insulin turns the glucose into fat instead of turning it into energy. Therefore, the sugar levels in your blood get too high and type 2 diabetes is imminent.

Make a change by becoming an active person

You can prevent the risk of diabetes by adding exercising to your daily routine for at least 30 minutes every day. This change of lifestyle can prevent diabetes as well as it can keep prediabetes from turning into type 2 diabetes. Also, if you already suffer from type 2 diabetes, exercising for 30 minutes daily minimizes the health risks and helps you improve your overall condition.

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