Best Foods and Drinks for Energy Before a Workout

Working out can be very tiring and it practically drains you of all your energy, and no one likes to feel defeated after 30 minutes of exercising. To keep your energy levels up while working out, you should eat and drink certain things that will boost it before you start your training, because they have a combination of proteins and carbohydrates that help during the strenuous exercises. Here are the best foods and drinks that energize you for a more intense workout, but don’t forget to eat them for about 30-60 minutes before you start exercising.


Bananas are fruits that are rich in fast-acting carbohydrates that give you the needed energy for an intense workout, and they supply you with potassium to maintain nerve and muscle function.
They are the best choice for people who like to work out in the morning and can’t have a full meal, because they are light and tasty.


Caffeine based drinks, preferably coffees, are a popular choice because they are not only good to drink every morning to freshen up faster, but they are effective in energizing you before a workout as well.
In addition, caffeine based drinks increase the rate at which you burn fat, and they slow the rate at which you get fatigued due to working out as well.

Egg whites

If you intend to workout, don’t make a normal omelet because it will make you feel sluggish and bloated. Prepare an omelet made from egg whites only, and if you like you can add some light veggies, and you will feel energized, without feeling heavy and full.

Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are not only delicious and healthy, but they are filled with proteins and carbohydrates that are digested rapidly.
They offer the necessary amount of energy, and it takes only half an hour for them to kick in, time after which you can start exercising.

Chicken breasts and brown rice

If you want to workout after lunch or dinner, you definitely need to eat something that is minimal in fat and that will provide you with the much needed energy to continue.
Brown rice and chicken breasts are the best combination of foods to eat before a late workout session, because they are easily digested and they’re filled with carbohydrates and proteins that your body needs to be able to function properly, and for the muscles to get repaired after the intense exercises.

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