Aerobic Exercises that You can Do in Your Home Pool

Working out can be fin when you know how and where to exercise. If you don’t fancy going to the gym or exercise in your room, you can think about exercising in your pool. By exercising in the water you get to work your muscles better and reduce injuries. Besides, water can also boost cardio intensity so consider doing some aerobic exercises in the pool to improve your health. Here are some of our favorites.

The wave maker

This aerobic exercise is great for firming the muscles in your back, legs, butt and abs as well. Begin by holding on to the edge of the pool deck with your left hand while placing the right palm against the wall just below the water line. Extend the legs behind and kick the water as fast as you can while trying to make waves. Try to make waves for 30 seconds.

K-Thread exercise

This exercise targets the chest, abs, butt and arms. Start by making small circles with your hands and lift the right leg straight at hip level. Reach toes of left leg at the bottom of the pool and hold the position for 5 seconds. Then continue with the other leg while holding for 5 seconds. Continue this exercise for at least 30 seconds.

Ball lever

If you want to train the muscles in your back, shoulders get ready for this next exercise. Hold a medium sized beach ball with the arms stretched and float facedown in the water while extending your legs, the feet being together. While keeping the arms straight, pull the ball underneath you towards your tights very quickly. Then bend the elbow to bring the ball to the surface and return to start position. Do this for 30 seconds.

Fly backs

By doing fly backs you get to train muscles in the arms, back and upper chest and improve your posture. Begin by bending your knee and extending your left lef straight behind you, as in a lunge position. Extend your arms in front of you and return them to the starting position. Do this exercise for 2 to 5 minutes.

Some tips to keep in mind

Before exercising in the water, make sure that the water is free of chemicals such as chlorine or fluoride. An outdoor water filter can help you remove small impurities and chemicals from the water but for cleaning large debris, it’s recommended to opt for a robotic pool cleaner. If you want to see which is the greatest automatic pool cleaner, check out the site which analyzes all electric pool cleaners. While you can still clean the pool manually, robotic pool cleaners are more efficient at removing even small debris, like dirt and even scrub floors.

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