5 Reasons why You Should Drink Infused Water

Everyone is searching for great ways to lose weight, stay in shape, or to stay healthy, and most of them require you to stop eating and drinking the things you like the most. A solution to naturally boost your metabolism, therefore losing weight while doing it, is to drink infused water. Infused water is basically any type of combination between cold water and fruits, herbs, or vegetables. The tasty and healthy infused water has many benefits for the people who drink it, and in the following lines, you can read about the 5 most important reasons to start drinking it.

1. Calories

Infused water has almost no calories due to the fact that it’s a mix between water and fruits, spices, herbs, or vegetables, but they remain intact in it. For example, you don’t eat the fruit, just the flavor remains in the water you drink, not adding too many calories to it. This isn’t the case with fruit juice because it might be nutritious and good for our health, but it’s packed with natural sugars and calories as well.

2. Stay hydrated

To live healthy, you need to stay hydrated and infused water is a delicious and easy way to make sure you are hydrated. It’s better to prepare the infused water in a large pitcher, and pour it into a container to drink when you are at work, or anywhere away from home. As opposed to fresh juice, it keeps you hydrated for a longer time, and it’s not as messy.

3. It’s easy to prepare

To prepare infused water you need to have around fruits, vegetables, or herbs of your choice, and instead of buying water or using water from the tap, use water from the water filter. According to the WaterFilter tests, the water filter ensures that the water you are drinking isn’t filled with contaminants, and therefore there is no health risk when you drink it or use it in healthy combinations like the infused water mix.

The great thing about infused water is that it doesn’t take long to make it and it’s not messy.
For example,if you want to make lemon water, you just slice some lemons, put them in cold water fresh from the water filter, and if you want to make it taste more spectacular, you can add mint. Let the lemon and mint stay in the water for about 4 hours, and replace them with fresh ones after about a day. This goes for any type of infused water you want to prepare.

4. Tastes great

Infused water tastes great, and you can drink it for 2 days after you have prepared it because it doesn’t lose any of its properties in that time. Instead of making fruit juice, which doesn’t always taste great without you adding actual sugar, or any other sweetener, make infused water, because it tastes delicious and it’s really easy and cheap to make large amounts of it.

5. It looks good

If you have guests over, they definitely aren’t going to be impressed if you serve them a glass of grapefruit juice, because it doesn’t look spectacular. On the other hand, infused water looks amazing, because it’s very colorful, making the people more inclined to drink it. If you let the fruits in the pitcher, you keep the sensational look that the infused water has, and everyone can drink this healthy combination while admiring the gorgeous aspect of the drink.

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