5 Amazing Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

No matter if you want to stay in shape, or you want to relax after a stressful day, yoga is the best option for you. If you do it at home you don’t need a lot of place to do yoga, and the only thing you need is a yoga mat, therefore it’s cheap to practice it as well. If you want to be around other people whole doing it, simply go to any gym or spa that offers yoga classes, and exercise your body and mind.
But what health benefits does practicing yoga have for your health? Read the following lines and find out.

1. You will sleep better

Yoga helps you sleep better because both your body and your mind are relaxed after a yoga session, therefore you won’t be kept awake by your thoughts and worries. Studies have shown that after only eight weeks of daily yoga exercises, people who suffer from insomnia had a significantly better sleep.

The best position to relax and prepare for sleep is the corpse pose, in which you lay on your back, spread your legs slightly, extend your arms at your side, and put your hand on the belly. By inhaling and exhaling while following the movement of your belly rise and feeling it with your hands, you get total muscle and mind relaxation before hitting the bed.

2. Increased flexibility

The best part about yoga is that you don’t have to wait for weeks to see results. After a single yoga session you will notice that your muscles feel a lot looser than they were before you started.
Due to the fact that yoga implies stretching, increased flexibility is an advantage that comes along with doing it.

3. Reduces stress

Stress reduction is the most popular reason why people do yoga in the first place. Because yoga combines a series of mental and physical activities that have to work together, you calm your mind while practicing it. By doing yoga you learn how to control your breath, and by doing so you control your body and mind as well.

4. Boost your sexual appetite and performance

After about 12 weeks of daily yoga, you will see that you are not only more flexible, and you don’t feel stressed anymore, but you will have a bigger sexual appetite. Yoga improves sexual desire, confidence, satisfaction, orgasm, performance, and arousal, because it increases the blood flow to your genital area, and it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles as well.

5. It fights food cravings

If you are the type of person who likes to eat a lot, yoga will help you tone down your cravings. Because you are controlling your breath while exercising yoga, you strengthen the connection between your mind and your body. This makes you able to control your urges and your appetite, and not let yourself fall into temptations that will ruin your figure.

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